Photo Contest

How good are your camera skills? Put them to the test with this
summer’s photo contest! The theme is: summer! The best image to represent the summer will receive a gift card at our Summer Wrap-up Party/Con, a place of honor on display until September, A prominent position in the upcoming summer ‘Zine and bragging rights. What are you waiting for?
Get out there and capture the summer!

All submitted pictures will be on display at the library as a pop-up gallery project for everyone to see! Honorable mentions in the contest will be featured in our summer ‘Zine!


  1. All Entries must come a name and email address for contact. (You can send us private messages via social media.)

  2. Only 3 entries are allowed per entrant.

  3. Do not take someone’s picture without their express permission.

  4. Submit pictures to: or tag us on social media while using the hashtag: #nllsummercontest.

The Deadline for entries is: August 5th.