About the Library:

The New Lebanon Library has been in existence in one form or another since the early 19th century. Our roots can be traced to an illustrious beginning: the first free public Library in the United States, which was formed by Dr. Jesse Torrey in New Lebanon in 1804. The Library offers access to a wide variety of free programs for all ages, a diverse collection, and operates as a cultural center for the town of New Lebanon. We have a vibrant, active Board of Trustees and employ a full-time professional librarian as well as several part time staff and approximately 30 volunteers.

Board of Trustees:

Charles Weinstein, President

Dianne Hobden, Vice President

Robin Dropkin, Secretary

Bill O’Neill, Treasurer

Carol Benson, Schuyler Gail, Danny Lynch, Elizabeth Sheffer-Winig, Tanya Ward, Jeremy Weis


Michelle Hoffman


Kristin Carson

Ann Gainer

Paul Gavrity

Jeanne Tomlinson

Sarah Westwind

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are welcome! Call or stop by the library to find out what volunteer openings are currently available.

Contact webchanges@midhudson.org