Check one out!
Read what others in our community have written or sketched, add your own thoughts and creative energy, then return for the next person to enjoy.
Each journal has a theme. Some are serious, some fun, some are to write about your favorite books and genres. Three are ongoing fiction where each person will add to the story! There should be one for everyone! Join in the fun.Themes:

  • To All the Books I’ve Loved Before
  • Thrills & Chills (for fans of suspense & horror)
  • The Strangest Summer: What My Life was Like in Quarantine
  • A Sketchbook of Self Portraits
  • an ongoing story–Calvin
  • Places I’ve Travelled
  • Memories of New Lebanon
  • I Survived: a story from my life
  • Encouraging Words for Others
  • Adventures in Parenting